Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our students have the best opportunities to learn and grow. You are invited to contact us for assistance, to discuss the school or your student.

Staff Roster

Ms. Nicci 257-5600
Ms. Jana WhitlockAdministrative 257-5600
Mrs. Callie BallardOffice 257-5600
Ms. Haley Van 257-5600
Mr. Tom ConsoloAM Traffic 257-5600
Gordon WilsonCampus 257-5600
George PeckNight 257-5600
James JastraubNight 257-5600
Jeremy 257-5600
Lacy Calais 257-5600
Julie 257-5600
Margaret MartinezIndian Education 257-5600
Christine KiekhaeferOccupational 257-5600
Tracy MorlanSpeech & Language 257-5600
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